Yixuan Wang

Room 1.1. EG 2a
E-Mail: yixuan.wang[at]tum.de
Tel.: 08161-71 4365
Fax: 08161-71 4767


since 2022
PhD student at the professorship for Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions, Technical University of Munich
Research Assistant, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Institute of Applied Computer Science, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
M.Sc. in Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Department of Aerospace and Geodesy, Technical University of Munich
2019-2022Service support, Die Gastgeber GmbH, Munich
May-June 2021Internship, Dynamics of the Land Surface, German Aerospace Center
2018-2019Assistant Project Manager, Shenzhen iN-Cube Automation Co., Ltd., China
2016-2017Research Assistant, GIS and RS Application Laboratory, Sun Yat-sen University
2014-2018B.Sc., Geographic Information Science, Department of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University