Dr. Jernej Jevšenak

Raum 1.1. EG 15
E-Mail: jernej.jevsenak[at]gozdis.si
Tel.: 08161-71 4766
Fax: 08161-71 4767

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since June 2022Postdoctoral position at Technical University of Munich in the scope of Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship (remote sensing at tree-ring research)

2019 - 2022

Postdoctoral researcher at Slovenian Forestry Institute (national forest inventory and tree-ring research)
2014 - 2018Doctoral researcher at Slovenian Forestry Institute (Laboratory for dendrochronology)
2011 - 2014M.Sc. in Forestry and Forest Ecosystem Management (University in Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty)
2007 - 2011B.Sc. in Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources (University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty)