AmazonFACE model-experiment integration (MEI) workshop at TUM

10-12th of July 2017 at LSAI in Freising, Germany

From July 10-12 the "International Workshop on model-experiment integration for AmazonFACE” was held at WZW in Freising, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The main objective of the workshop was the initiation of collaboration between international modelling experts and experimentalists to maximize the scientific outcome of AmazonFACE. AmazonFACE is a research program in Brazil that includes the establishment of a free-air CO2 enrichment experiment at the ZF2-field site close to Manaus, Amazonia, Brazil.

In the course of this international workshop with 26 participants from Brazil, Australia, the USA, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Germany, we derived model-based hypotheses for the AmazonFACE experiment based on a multi-model comparison. We discussed model output, model assumptions, model-based hypotheses and their integration with field observations for the finalization of the manuscript and related scientific output. Based on these, recommendations were formulated for the experimental setup of the experiment and for future model development. The workshop aimed to foster strong exchange between modelling and observational research on the expected CO2 response in the Amazon.