Upcoming talk: The AmazonFACE Program: Climate change, environment and society in the world's largest tropical forest

Public talk by David M. Lapola on July 19th 2017.

Prof. Dr. David M. Lapola, University of Campinas, Brazil August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor@TUM

Wednesday, 19th July 2017, at 11:00 in the Forestry Building, Lecture Hall 22

Abstract: In this talk I will present the AmazonFACE research program, the main feature of which is a pioneer CO2 enrichment experiment in central Amazonia, focused on assessing the impacts that future climate change will have on the forest. The program is based on the hypothesis of the Amazon forest dieback or savannization, in which extreme climatic changes would cause a catastrophic and large- scale loss of biomass and biodiversity in the region. As such, the research conducted in the scope of the program is not constrained to biophysical studies, but also permeates a socio-economic component evaluating, for example, the impacts of this potential forest dieback for agriculture, energy production and even people migration. The results obtained in the program are also relevant for public policies on climate change and biodiversity. AmazonFACE is considered as one of the most relevant scientific endeavors currently being conducted in world's largest tropical forest.