Postdoctoral position climate impact, mitigation and adapdation modelling

We offer a postdoctoral position climate impact, mitigation and adapdation modelling.

Exploring potential land-based mitigation and adaptation strategies is urgently required in the current climate crisis. Mitigation options range from forest conservation and expansion to large-scale cultivation of bioenergy crops while adaptation strategies include selection of different species in agriculture and forestry, agroforestry, irrigation and fertilization, or changes in the harvest regime. Scenarios for the application of such strategies differ strongly at regional and global scale. Your tasks include the application and development of the dynamic ecosystem model LPJ-GUESS to assess the potential for climate adaptation and mitigation at regional, continental and global scale. A detailed representation of plant hydraulics and drought mortality in the Amazon region has recently been implemented into LPJ-GUESS. The goal is to extend and evaluate this model version for temperate and boreal forests and to conduct regional and global simulations to assess the impacts of future drought events on the climate mitigation potential of different land-based mitigation and adaptation options and associated impacts on ecosystem functioning. Candidates are invited to contribute own ideas and develop their own research agenda with regard to climate impact, mitigation and adaptation modelling.The contribution to university teaching (forestry and environmental sciences) is required (5 hours per week during the semester).

For more information please contact Dr. Andy Krause