Amazon-FLUX investigates plant and soil interactions in the Amazon Rainforest to determine how nutrients and water fluxes may affect the forest under global change (i.e. elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations, increasing temperatures and increasing drought events).

The collaborative project Amazon-FLUX is funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery (Bayerische Staatskanzlei) and combines researchers from Germany and Brazil.

Photo by Melanie Verlinden


  • Technical University of Munich
  • Instituto Nacional De Pesquitas Da Amazonia (INPA)
  • University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
  • Sao Paulo Earth System Science Laboratory
  • AmazonFACE
  • Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Principal Investigator: Prof. Anja Rammig

Scientists: Dr. Laynara Lugli, Tatiana Reichert