Welcome to the Professorship for "Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions"


Dealing with the impact of global environmental change is the great challenge of the 21st century. Terrestrial ecosystems play an important role by storing large amounts of carbon thereby mitigating climate change. Developing a sound understanding of the functioning of ecosystem processes which are essential for interactions with the atmosphere is the goal of the professorship for “Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions”.

Our methodological approach includes a combination of observational data and models and ranges from the calculation of simple statistical models to the development of complex process-based models from local, regional to global scale.



12th BLIZ Workshop

The 12th BLIZ Workshop took place on 23.06.2022 in Iffeldorf and on Zoom. We started the workshop updating everyone with organizational information and incentives regarding the BLIZ final steps. Each subproject gave updates on...[more]


Dr. Laynara Lugli at EGU

The EGU 2022 took place in Vienna, Austria May 23 - 27. Dr. Laynara Lugli held a presentation at EGU with the title"The effects of elevated CO2 and phosphorous limitation shaping fine root functioning in Central Amazon...[more]


PhD student Konstantin Gregor at EGU

The EGU 2022 took place in Vienna, Austria May 23 - 27. PhD student Konstantin Gregor held a presentation at EGU with the title "Trade-offs in strategies for climate-smart forestry in Europe" He showed how forests...[more]

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Research Projects

  • Amazon-FACE: Free Air CO2 Enrichment Experiment in the Amazon Basin
  • AmazonFLUX: Investigates plant and soil interactions in the Amazon Rainforest to determine how nutrients and water fluxes may affect the forest under global change
  • BLIZ: Interactions between society, land use, ecosystem services and biodiversity in Bavaria until 2100
  • C-turn: Carbon in the forest ecosystem - turnover rates, storage and silvicultural strategies for adapting to climate change
  • Development of LPJ-GUESS
  • HyBBEx: Hysteresis effects in Bavarian beech forest ecosystems through climate extremes
  • Kroof: Extreme drought and progressively limiting water reserves do not only pose huge challenges on mankind, but also on forest ecosystems. In which ways do trees meet such challenges? This question is jointly explored by forest scientists and biologists of the Technische Universität München (TUM) and the Helmholtz-Zentrum München by means of the »Kranzberg Forest Roof Experiment« (KROOF).
  • PhosForest: Constraining phosphorus feedbacks on the CO2 fertilization effect in the Amazon rainforest
  • VALORTREE: Projekt "Validierung des phytotoxischen Ozonflusses in Nadeln und Blättern als Voraussetzung für eine realistische, integrierte Risikobewertung für die Ökosystemleistungen der Wälder in Deutschland“


Climate Change im Studiengang "Sustainable Resource Management" (MSc)

Environmental monitoring and data analysis

--> Ecological Data Analysis (MSc)

Einführung in die Modellierung (BSc)


Teaching Ecophysiology