Feb 1st LPJ-GUESS meeting

On February 1st a LPJ-GUESS development meeting took place at TUM in Freising.

Participants were:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Almuth Arneth, Peter Anthoni, Christine Herschlein
  • University of Birmingham: Tomas Pugh
  • Lund University: Mats Lindeskog, Veiko Lehsten, Stefan Olin
  • TUM: Anja Rammig, Ekaterina Sycheva, Phillip Papastefanou

Ekaterina Sycheva presented on “Comparison of LPJ-GUESS results with long-term inventory data and simulation of management strategies” and Thomas Pugh gave a talk on “Self-thinning across biomes”. The presentations were followed by a discussion on European PFT parameterization for modelling forest management and effects of extreme events.